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Employee Health Insurance Benefits During Workers’ Compensation Leave

While Ohio’s Workers’ Compensation Act does not require an employer to maintain an employee on the employer’s health insurance plan during the time the employee is on leave for an injury covered by Workers’ Compensation, other laws may entitle an employee to continue to receive health
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Parental “Opt-Out” of Statewide Diagnostic Assessments

Our office has received an increase in the number of questions from clients regarding statewide diagnostic assessment “opt-out” forms this past year.  Various organizations from Ohio and around the country have been advocating for parents to refuse to allow their students to be assess
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Statutory Changes that will Require Revision to Board Policies and the Training of Employees about Diabetes

With the Ohio General Assembly’s passage of House Bills 487 and 171 over the summer, school districts need to evaluate their policies to ensure they are in compliance with numerous changes to the Ohio Revised Code that are set to take effect as early as September 11, 2014. As a result
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